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CASE The Stanze textiles company

The Stanza Textiles company has printing, spinning, weaving and dyeing units under their own setup.
Further, it has a team of highly professional management and technical staff with standardized working
system. They are in a continuous process of expansion, enhancement and incorporating the latest
technological innovations in order to ensure their customers the best possible quality in home apparels.
The company is proud of its driving force by dynamic, well qualified and highly skilled management
who has extensive knowledge in all aspects of textile exports. As the company has its own production
units of Weaving, Dyeing, Printing & Spinning that made them enable to produce multiple orders with
agility and good quality products according to customer requirements. Utmost attention is given to
maintain quality standards across all stages of production. This is all possible due to its state of the art
production facility.
Question # 01:
Keeping in view the above case, you are required to identify the type of departmentalization that Stanza
Textiles company is following and also draw the structure of departmentalization of the given company.
Question # 02:
In your point of view, what advantages Stanza Textiles company is having by following the type of
departmentalization in above case? (At least three points)
Q1: Answer:'' printing, spinning, weaving and dyeing units = Departmentalization "
The Stanza Textile Company has printing, spinning, weaving, and dying units under their own setup. Departmentalization is very important in organizations. It involves diving an organization into different departments. Since Stanza is a textile company and in textile companies the “departmentalization process” is the main department, which involves spinning, weaving, dying, and printing. We can say Stanza textile is a manufacturing company and also any manufacturing company requires some functions to perform their tasks.
There are some departments, which performs such functions like marketing department, human resource department, accounting department, and production department. The structure of departmentalization of the given company is the main function of the textile company.
The customer departmentalization is used to control the customers of every type, foreign, domestic, wholesalers, and retailers. It also depend upon the worth of the company that whether it works with the foreign customer or not.
The time departmentalization is also a department work in an organization which works 24 hours a day for the purpose of the department to manage duties of the workers in the night and in the day hours.
These are the main departmentalisations in the textile company.
Question 1 part(B):
Structure diagram or above,:
 photo attached

Answer for Question 2:
There are some advantageous of the departmentalization:
1- It offers better customer service and the customers get quick and efficient service due to the customer departmentalization in the Stanza textile company.
2- It divides the work into different units on the basis of responsibility and nature. It also helps top managers in their work.
3- Stanza Textile Company easily grows and expands due to departmentalization without the departmentalization company cannot effectively perform all operations.
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