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Visual Basic

Chapter-1 checkpoints:

  1. List five major hardware components of a computer system.
  2.  The CPU, main memory, secondary storage devices, input devices, output devises. 
  1. What is main memory? What is its purpose? 
  2. Main memory is the computers work area. This is where the computer stores a program while the program is running, as well as the data that the program is working withRAM is volatile type memory. Temporary storage 
  1. Explain why computers have both main memory and secondary storage. 
  2.  Main memory does not save information as secondary storage does. 
  1. What are two general categories of software?
  2.  Operating systems and application software. Operating system is a set of programs that manages the computers hardware devices and control their processes. Applications of ware refers to programs that make the computer useful to the user.  
  1. What is an algorithm? 
  2. An algorithm is a set of well defined steps for performing a task or solving a problem 
  1. Why were computer programming languages invented? 
  2. They were invented to ease the task. They use words instead of numbers. 
  1. What is an object? What is a control?  
  2. An object is an item in a program that contains data and has the ability to perform operations . The data that an object contains is referred to as properties or attributes. A control is a specific type of object that usually appears in a programs graphical user interface. 
  1. What does event -driven mean? 
  2. An event is an action that takes place within a program , such as clicking of a control. If you wish for a control to respond to a specific event , you must write a set of programming statements known as event handler 
  1. What is a property? 
  2. A property is simply a piece of data that determines some characteristics of the control. 
  1. Why should the programmer change the name of a control from its default name? 
  2. Controls play an active role in the applications event handlers and their names appear in the applications programming statements. 
  1. If a control has the programmer -defined name txtRadius  what type of control is it? 
  2. Text box 
  1. What is the default name given to the first Text box control created in an application? 
  2. Text box 
  1. Is txtFirst+Lastname an acceptable control name? Why or why not?   
  2. The first three letters of the name should be a lowercase prefix indicating the controls type. The first letter of each word should be capitalized.  The part of the control name that appears after the three-letter prefix should describe the controls purpose in the application 
  1. What four items should be identified when defining what a program is to do? 
  2. Clearly define what the application is to do. Purpose , Input, Process , Output 
  1. Describe the importance of good planning in the process of creating a Visual Basic application. 
  1. Clearly define what the application is to do. 
  1. Visualize the application running on the computer and design it’s user interface. 
  1. Determine the controls needed 
  1. Define the values of each controls relevant properties 
  1. Determine the event handlers and other code needed for each control  
  1. Create a flowchart or pseudo code version of the code 
  1. Check the flowchart or pseudo code for errors  
  1. Start Visual Studio and create the forms and other controls identified in step 3 
  1. Use the flowcharts or pseudo code version of the code  
  1. Check the flowchart or pseudo code for errors 
  1. Start Visual Studio and create the forms and other controls identified in Step 3 
  1. Attempt to run the application  Correct  any syntax errors found and repeat this step as many times necessary 
  1. Once all syntax errors are corrected , run the program with test data for input. Correct any runtime errors. Repeat this step as many times as necessary. 
  1. What does it mean to visualize a program running?
  2. What is the value of such an activity? To create it in your mind,  to imagine what the screen will look like and sketch the former or forms in the application 
  1. What is a flowchart?  
  2. A flowchart is a diagram that graphically depicts the flow of a method. It uses boxes and other symbols to represent each step. 
  1. What is pseudocode
  2. Pseudocode is human readable code that looks similar to programming language. 
  1. What is runtime error? 
  2. Runtime errors are mistakes that do not prevent an application from executing but cause it to produce incorrect results 
  1. What is the purpose of testing a program with sample data or input? 
  2. This step must be repeated until the program reliably produces satisfactory results. 
  1. How much testing should you perform on a new program? 
  2. Until the program reliably produces satisfactory results 
  1. Briefly describe the purpose of the Solution Explorer window. 
  2. The Solution Explorer Window is a container for holding Visual Basic projects. When you create a new VA project a new solution is automatically created to contain it. The Solution Explorer window allows you to navigate among the files in a visual Basic project 
  1. Briefly describe the purpose of the Properties window. 
  2. When you are creating a Visual Basic application you use the properties window to examine and change a controls properties 
  1. What is the difference between the too bar and the toolbox? 
  2. The toolbox is a window that allows you to select the controls that you want to use in an applications user interface. 
  1. Toolbox is a window that allows you to select the controls that you want to use in an applications user interface. A toolbar contains buttons that execute frequently used commands 
  1. What is a Tool tip?
  2.  A tool tip is a small rectangular box that pops up when you hover the mouse pointer over a button on the toolbar or in the toolbox for a few seconds. It contains a short description of the buttons purpose 

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